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Win a Pottery Weekend

Plan ahead

  • Working from a model, you’ll be coached in the art of clay modelling to scale. We can make the whole process a lot easier with hints, tips and instruction. Although we’ll be taking you through classical approaches we don’t mind if your piece ends up  more “Homar” than human.

    £95.00 £85.00
  • Learn wheel throwing basics

    This 2.5 hour wheel thrown pottery introduction gets you hands-on and dirty learning wheel throwing pottery basics. (Patrick Swayze not included).

    Each student will have their own wheel to work from and following a masterful tutor demonstration its straight down to practice. Out tutors include Nam Tram and Clover from the recent series of The Great Pottery Throwdown,expect to be impressed.

    Support will be on hand as you try to get to grips with centering and throwing basics.  We keep class sizes small: no more than 5 students to make sure you each get the proper attention. Expect a few pieces to make it below the table into the slop bucket for recycling and about 2 pieces each to make it onto the keeps board. We'll fire and glaze keeps ready for collection in about 4 weeks time.

    Please note that we continually add dates to meet demand. This workshop normally runs on a Sunday morning or afternoon. If you're looking for a date in advance that is not on the list, please get in touch as we may be able to schedule it.
  • Looking for a bit of dirt and excitement?
    then take a Go Create 5 week Wheel Pottery class

    Fun, excitement and support from a highly experienced tutor guaranteed. Suitable for beginners and returners.  Each student will work on a slick Shimpoo wheel.  Our highly experienced tutors will ensure that you improve week by week. Beginners will be taken through the basics of wedging (preparing clay), to throwing (making pots on the wheel), trimming and turning (finishing pieces off on the base and decorating (using coloured slips or glazes). Students with more experience can receive guidance and support when required. Our tutors coach accruing to your particular level.




  • Looking for a gift making course that could translate into business idea?

    Or simply to pamper yourself?


    Why not treat yourself to our fragrant soap making taster course.  

    Most beginner level melt and pour soap workshops merely cover colouring and scenting of soap bases. Here at Go Create we've created an extreme version: to push melt and pour to its limits. We'll cover melt and pour from all angles to ensure you have a good understanding of soap making basics and how to exploit melt and pour to its potential.  During the workshop you'll make approximately 4 soap samples. But be warned, some may look and smell too good to use.


  • Introduction to paper making (2.5 hours)

    This is a fantastic introduction to paper-making with a strictly ‘hands-on’ approach. You’ll learn about the different fibres and pulps, and even try them in a variety of mould sizes. We’ll give you exciting ideas to work with and explain the whole process involved in the making of paper. By the end of the course you take away your own personalised, crafted sheets.

  • Learn basic to intermediate candle making techniques whilst exploring environmentally friendly alternatives to paraffin wax including soya candle wax and beeswax alternatives in this compact workshop. This  purest and practical workshop gets you practiced in creating different types of candles and using different materials and methods so as not to compromise it environmental authenticity; including the creation of eco wax coated wicks, the attachment of sustainers and the use of essential oils and dyes. In creating  different types of candles using different eco wax types we aim to teach the subtle difference in techniques and wicks needed in different situations.

    You’ll get to make and take home 5 different types of candles including a soya container candle, a layered soya candled made using a plastic mould, a couple of different styled rolled beeswax candles and a  beeswax candle using a silicone mould .


    Participants will get to make and take home at least 3 different candles.

  • Intensive 1 day
    with Nina Burrows, BA Hons, Cert Ed. 

    This one-day course is pitched at beginners wishing to gain a firm grip of watercolour basics so that they can experiment and develop their skills at home. The course is suitable for those wishing to explore traditional or experimental watercolour skills.

  • Ceramics doesn’t get much hotter than this!

    We’ll start the day with a some clay hand building to gently warm us into the clay mood. At mid-day we’ll then paint some pre-made ceramic bisque pieces ready for raku glaze firing in the afternoon – think ceramic cafe with a super hot twist.  Pieces will be packed into the outdoor gas fired kiln and during lunch that’s when we really turn up the heat (to 1100 degrees). After lunch pieces are then unloaded into sawdust bins to to restrict oxygen and the raku effect takes form. There will be a few casualties along the way – pieces we mean. Participants then polish off any surviving pieces to reveal the magical effect of raku.
    This is a magical day – you don’t even have to be a beginner or particularly into ceramics to enjoy this workshop – just book for the experience.
  • Looking to make home made gifts
    Or for a little self-pampering?

    We love this workshop and we think you will too. We’ll show you how to make some beauty products using easily accessible or natural ingredients.  You’ll get to make and take home a beeswax lip salve, an amazing essential oil scented moisturiser for the face or body,  facial scrubs and masks using kitchen cupboard ingredients plus a relaxing mint foot lotion.


    You’ll not only walk away with a selection of lotions and potions to sample at home but also some comprehensive notes. We reckon these products are as good as if not better than shop-bought versions and with no harsh chemicals! You can also tailor recipes to your own preferences. What’s more they make great gifts and we’ll share some ideas to create the extra wow factor!



  • We get you outdoors and tutored by professional photographers genuinely excited about their specialisms. Our tutors not only coach you on the use of your camera’s functions, they help draw out your own individual style and show you how to handle sudden changes in light. All this in the cultural and iconic centre of Europe.

  • Learn professional mosaic making skills
    Piece it together  with the help of our experts

    If you’re looking to advance your mosaic making knowledge and skills, this course is for you. We’ll start the day with an overview of mosaic techniques and some vital inspiration before some essential tile cutting skills practice for beginners using a variety of materials and tools.  In the afternoon students can work on a project of their choice which might include a placemat, coaster, wall hanging, door number, or freestyle mosaic design. Basic materials are included. A variety of die-cut wood shape bases are also available for purchase.
  • This course covers how to build structures using chicken wire, scrim, metal and plaster and also how to work directly into plaster.