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  • Looking for a gift making course that could translate into business idea?

    Or simply to pamper yourself?

    Why not treat yourself to our fragrant soap making taster course.  

    During this 2.5 hour intense taster, you’ll learn about the equipment needed and processes to make cold pressed soap.  We’ll also offer professional soap making tips, safe practice, trouble shooting advise. This is a hands on course.

    You’ll get to melt, fragrance and take home your own soap piece.

    All our courses light refreshments (i.e teas and coffees) will be offered at the start of the course.

    If you like this taster, why not enquire about our 1 day intermediate soap making course.

  • More than experience

    You've never been behind the wheel like this. Under the guidance of our experienced potter you'll briefly be in the passenger seat but soon be taking control and creatingcups, bowls etc to be proud of. We keep class sizes small no more than 6 students to make sure you each get the proper attention. Each student will have their own wheel to work from and those with prior experience can get stuck in without the formal introduction. Our tutor will demonstrate wedging, centring clay and throwing along with other basics to get the juices flowing. 


  • Family slot

    Introducing our new family slot specifically designed for families who want to spend some time together creating pottery using handbuild techniques. Suitable for children from 4-14. All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. With young children we know that parents may need to help out which is why we’ve priced this session to include one free parent with one or two children.

    This session currently runs on the first Saturday of each month (we will probably increase this to every other week as soon as demand builds).  We will fire and glaze your best two pieces. We can teach how to make bowls and cups. If you wish to attend on a regular basis we can retain pieces at the bisque stage so that you can return to paint the pieces.



  • Learn candle making basics whilst exploring environmentally friendly alternatives to paraffin wax candles including soya and beeswax. We’ll cover wax types, different mould types and candle making methods, health and safety, how to wick, scent, dye, melt and pour, Participants will get to make and take home at least 3 different candles.


    Learn about the equipment and techniques needed to create a stunning mosaic  heart  complete with vintage crockery and pearlised mosaic pieces. We’ll also show you how to grout your final design.
    Its well worth taking this course if you wish to develop more advanced mosaic skills. Although simple, the making of these hearts involve level 2 cutting and planning skills which should feed into future mosaic making.
    These hearts make fabulous gifts and what’s more when you get the hang of this they don’t take too long to make.
  • Learn the art of glass fusion in this compact 3 hour workshop. We’ll cover how to cut glass safely and how to prepare your piece for kiln firing. We’ll cover different glass products that are used for different effects, how to create colour changes and add detail including how to incorporate metal iso that you final piece can be hung around the home.  If there is time at the end you can also create a small piece that could be used for a pendant.

    There will be a small glass kiln on display so that you can take a look at a glass fushion kiln and watch as several pieces are loaded (these will be fired after the workshop). This workshop includes materials and notes and no glass fushion experience is needed. Final pieces will be posted out approximately 1 week after the workshop.

  • Intensive 1 day
    with Nina Burrows, BA Hons, Cert Ed. 

    This one-day course is pitched at beginners wishing to gain a firm grip of watercolour basics so that they can experiment and develop their skills at home. The course is suitable for those wishing to explore traditional or experimental watercolour skills.

  • Love bookfolding

    Transform un-loved books into gifts that say ‘personal’ like no other. We’ve bent over backwards with this one making recycling and literacy a worthwhile bi-product of this fun class. We ask for a bit of patience, love of biscuits in the tea break, and that page turner of a book to keep you entertained.
    How about dad’s 300/400 page ‘fly-fishing for beginners.’ Not that it needs a bit of a zing but we’ll hook you in anyway with a few ideas. Celebrate new family members, don’t forget the old ones or just find the word that captures the moment. We haven’t forgotten the cover design and even give you take home a further design from our choice.


  • Create with clay
    We’ll show you how

    Working from a model and expressing through clay. People of all abilities including newcomers welcome. The aim of the workshop is to create something with a resemblance to the human figure – whether abstract or vaguely representative. Experts will be on hand for those requiring guidance and support – and to inspire a range of different possibilities. Our tutors will commence with a short demonstration on how to start and some basic tips for those wishing final works to be fired.




    Get stuck in.
    Be a part of art.

    This is a hands-on course that will get you exploring form, materials and processes from the start as a means of sculptural expression.  It assumes no previous knowledge of working with sculpture. As well as offering practical experience, we’ll provide an overview of traditional and contemporary sculpture to build a growing appreciation.


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