Oil Painting Introduction (2 days)

 Brush up on oils
And never look back

Day 1
We’ll cover the basics of oils whilst working on a simple still life to allow the gradual build of paint, shape, colour and eventually form. Practice under the keen eye of a professional with over 30 years of experience and find yourself
composing a stronger and layered painting.

Day 2
On the second day, students work on their own project having moved on from the
basics. Time to follow the rules or break them depending on what you want to
do. We’re in Margate so why not a landscape or seascape, the research is
basically walking on a beach! But do look at all the options as oil is flexible
when thinned, retarded or part of a mixed media composition. Advanced
students will have free reign, but in the event of any student starting a second
piece we will allow an extra week for paint to be touch dry before taking away.
Class sizes are kept small to ensure that you receive plenty of individual

Class sizes are kept small to ensure that you receive plenty of individual support. 


  • Equipment and materials needed including mediums
  • Understanding the chemistry behind oils to ensure your painting will last longer than you.
  • Safe studio practice
  • Brush selection and care
  • Painting supports
  • How to lay a palette and basic colour mixing
  • Painting mediums and how to handle them
  • How to return to a painting once it has dried out
  • Techniques to maximise progress in a single session
  • An overview of different painting techniques and approaches (including some of the techniques employed by today’s leading practitioners)
  • Professional tips to advance your painting

Students get to take home their work plus a set of notes which will enable continuation at home.

Suitable for absolute beginners as well as returners and self-taught improvers. Returners often studied art to GCSE or A’level grade.

Some xperience of working with acrylics is required prior to taking this course.

If pregnant please do advise in advance as we prefer to use traditional mediums. We can change this if someone on the course is pregnant. The studio is however well ventilated and only small quantities of mediums are used. We also ensure safe practices are taught and implemented.


Includes basic materials but excludes canvases which can be purchased on the day. Advise will be given on where you can also buy these prior to the class start.

Do search out visual reference for day 2 if wishing to paint a landscape or seascape –  this might include a favourite personal scene. Do bring a selection of images as advise is given on the type of image that may work effectively and is appropriate according to your current level.


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