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Painting & Drawing Short Courses

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  • This class is ideal for those wishing the flexibility to try out various painting and drawing mediums or to develop their own creative practice/interests with support. The class is suitable for beginners and improvers.

  • Introduction to formal drawing
    One-day intensive.

    This course is especially designed for those new to drawing or those seeking to improve basic skills. We’ll help to identify your individual strengths or weaknesses and to let them work for you whilst covering the basics of composition and how to convey colour, texture and form.


  • Ever wanted to paint?
    Have you dabbled with acrylics but want to try oils?

    The course has been carefully devised and tested over time and seems to work with all students. Over the weekend we will systematically take you through exercises and impart professional techniques whilst teaching. Students not only learn about oils but make significant personal progress thanks to the high-grade creative directional support from highly experienced painters.

  • Life Painting and drawing skills 
    for all levels of ability

    The course is suitable for beginner to advanced level students and has been carefully structured  to support individual needs and requirements: from the basics in anatomical drawing, to lessons in flesh tones and colour mixing to contemporary approaches. We offer the freedom to respond to the figure in a personal manner and offer creative directional support if required.


  • For all levels of ability

    This course structure has been carfully developed by K Kennedy, (art coach and founder of Go Create) to reflect Go Create's creative coaching philosophy. It includes taught lessons and coaching away from the model each morning and application of new skills/learning in the afternnons with the model. (A balance of  classroom and life drawing or painting.

    The course is suitable for absolute beginners and more advanced students to ensure personal and rapid development (drawing out emerging strengths, supporting creative directional possibilities or goals with technical support and also opening individuals to creative possibilities).

  • Want to paint
    but feel you need to get to grips with drawing first?

    We've got it covered in paint and on the wall. For those who are looking for an intense introduction – you've arrived in the right place. At the start of the canvas you might start with a blank canvas but you'll have a piece of art by the end of it. We're excellent at what we do and guarantee results.

  • Want to paint
    but feel you need to get to grips with drawing first?

    With our fast track painting and drawing course you'll make excellent progress in both painting and drawing basics in just one week. We're excellent at what we do and guarantee results.

  • Discover the new
    New marks, new ideas, new ways of seeing

    We’ll encourage you to take a fresh and experimental approach to painting and drawing in a variety of media. From smaller scale observational drawings to larger-scale experimental work.


  • Get tutored in portrait drawing or painting
    book an intense course today.

    This short course is suitable for beginners and improvers. Over the week you'll be taught the basics of portrait drawing: proportion, structure, anatomy, mark making, form, mood, measured drawing and capturing the individual characteristics of each model. You'll soon appreciate your unique approach and be encouraged to trial a range of mediums. Whether wishing to adopt a fun or serious approach to capturing the human face, this is the class for you. All abilities welcome.

  • Intensive 1 day
    with Nina Burrows, BA Hons, Cert Ed. 

    This one-day course is pitched at beginners wishing to gain a firm grip of watercolour basics so that they can experiment and develop their skills at home. The course is suitable for those wishing to explore traditional or experimental watercolour skills.