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About us

Go Create is based in SW London ad was set up by K Kennedy in 20012 to provide fun art experiences and information-rich workshops for adults and children.  We specialise in inspiring people from all walks of life to Go Create, whether for fun or to discover and develop talents. We also offer creative directional support and develop specialist courses for the more advanced practitioner.

Go Create’s principles are closely aligned to its founder K Kennedy’s objectives. KKennedy more info

We're passionate about

The arts


We don’t just do the Low art to High, there’s a bit of underground art, questionable art and levels of expression we are constantly looking to sandwich in between.

The environment

Our environmental ethos runs is at the base of much of what we do from outdoor courses, from the development of  low cost methods to get children regardless of background into the arts. the value of low tech, no tech before high tech, environmental arts and craft activities for children.

Art and Wellbeing

We’re all aware of the connection between good mental health and the healing power of art. In discovering, serious learning through play, exercising your hobby and honest assessments of your career, a real sense of clarity is gained.
With tutors and new found friends in support a balance is not only restored but strengthened.

Supporting art journeys


Art is as complex as the individual so needs a journey of learning. All doors are open as we figure out together the best way forward, coaching you to a personal understanding of where to go and why. New skills are your skills.

Delivering quality workshops

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We’ve experienced the best and worst t of London’s course providers. Our aim is to deliver quality workshops. We’re not simply aiming to create learning experiences but fun experiences to help individuals draw out inner potential and unexpected creations.

Creating fun experiences


Our courses are not simply about fun, self discovery, art play and learning – they are also about memories. art experience, meeting others.