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  • Each week, you can choose to paint or draw. We’ll help to inspire or coach you if needed, and will teach new techniques and approaches according to your developing needs. Above all, individuals benefit from the knowledge and support from advanced practitioners who can help guide development. Individuals are amazed at the difference this type of coaching can have over regular art classes. So whether you’re starting out in painting or drawing or wish to develop specialist skills, we’ll offer encouragement and creative directional support.


    Our acrylic taster session is suitable for beginners/improvers and lets you dabble with acrylics while guided by an experienced tutor. You’ll learn about the medium, the equipment needed and how to get started. We’ll also cover some professional painting tips to propel your painting skills. During the morning we will work from still life, however students can take a more experimental approach or continue to work from still life in the afternoon.

  • Transcend beyond the basics

    There's more to acrylics than tubes of pigment suspended in polymer resin. This workshop will unlock the door to advanced acrylics whilst imparting professional painting skills and techniques. We'll help open your ideas to advanced acrylic possibilities, You'll also get to trial mediums, extenders and glazing agents under the watchful eye of an experienced tutor.
  • Ensure you’re paintings last longer than you  

    So you’ve been painting in oils for a while and haven’t got beyond the starter kit.  Whether you’re a figurative or abstract painter this workshop is designed to expand your knowledge of mediums, glazes, varnishes and advanced oil painting techniques in this hands-on masterclass.  We’ll explore both traditional and contemporary approaches to help you explore techniques that put you in the know.

  • Learn how to make your own bath bombs

    Bathtime will never be the same again?

    Why not treat yourself or a friend to our bath bomb making taster course.  

    Learn the ins and outs of bath bomb making: what makes a fizz and the magic formula to ensure that your bath bombs hold it together until they need to fizz.  We'll show you just how much color to add, how much fragrance is safe and the all important rations so that you can feel confident and even start creating your own recipes.

  • Bead and wire

    In this two hour workshop we'lll show you the basic equipment needed to make a necklace or bracelet with our fine collection of beads, combine ideas and designs to make your necklace the one you always wanted. Bring some ideas along or let us inspire you on the day.

  • Love bookfolding

    Transform un-loved books into gifts that say 'personal' like no other. We've bent over backwards with this one making recycling and literacy a worthwhile bi-product of this fun class. We ask for a bit of patience, love of biscuits in the tea break, and that page turner of a book to keep you entertained.
    How about dad's 300/400 page 'fly-fishing for beginners.' Not that it needs a bit of a zing but we'll hook you in anyway with a few ideas. Celebrate new family members, don't forget the old ones or just find the word that captures the moment. We haven't forgotten the cover design and even give you take home a further design from our choice.