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Win a Pottery Weekend

  • Bored of just doodling?

    Drawing forms the basis of many art forms. This high-impact workshop will help to fast-track and refine the basics. In just 1 day you’ll start to see a difference. Depending on your level, you’ll be coached in composition, measured drawing, observation, tone, mark-making, perspective or proportion.

    Beginners and improvers are welcome. All materials are provided. Simply dress for mess as the studio is also used for oil painting.


  • Learn wheel throwing basics

    This 2.5 hour wheel thrown pottery introduction gets you hands-on and dirty learning wheel throwing pottery basics. (Patrick Swayze not included).

    Each student will have their own wheel to work from and following a masterful tutor demonstration its straight down to practice. Out tutors include Nam Tram and Clover from the recent series of The Great Pottery Throwdown,expect to be impressed.

    Support will be on hand as you try to get to grips with centering and throwing basics.  We keep class sizes small: no more than 5 students to make sure you each get the proper attention. Expect a few pieces to make it below the table into the slop bucket for recycling and about 2 pieces each to make it onto the keeps board. We'll fire and glaze keeps ready for collection in about 4 weeks time.

    Please note that we continually add dates to meet demand. This workshop normally runs on a Sunday morning or afternoon. If you're looking for a date in advance that is not on the list, please get in touch as we may be able to schedule it.
    Rated 4.50 out of 5
  • If you’re expecting a scene from Ghost,
    then buy the DVD.

    But If you’re looking for real wheel pottery, excellent tuition and personal support when needed then book a Go Create wheel weekend. This course is suitable for absolute beginners or those wishing more wheel practice under the guidance of our brilliant potter, artists in their own right. Each student will work at their own wheel to maximize the understanding of the craft.

    £220.00 £175.00
  • Done with potato printing?
    Then try something just as easy but with sophistication. The lino print. 

    During this 3 hour workshop we’ll coach students in effective lino cut works of art or experimental patterns for card and textile design. We’ll cover the equipment and materials needed and how to avoid a trip to casualty, We’ll be watching students carefully as they get practiced in using the cutting tools safely. Gaining confidence in the first couple of test prints we’ll then get you onto fabrics, using specialist fabric inks, and design transfer onto a calico bag or a cotton tea towel. Then take home and impress.
    This fun workshop is ideal if you’re stuck for gift ideas or are looking for new hobby that you can do at the kitchen table!
  • Intensive 1 day
    with Nina Burrows, BA Hons, Cert Ed. 

    This one-day course is pitched at beginners wishing to gain a firm grip of watercolour basics so that they can experiment and develop their skills at home. The course is suitable for those wishing to explore traditional or experimental watercolour skills.

  • Looking for a gift making course that could translate into business idea?

    Or simply to pamper yourself?


    Why not treat yourself to our fragrant soap making course.  

    Most beginner level melt and pour soap workshops merely cover colouring and scenting of soap bases. Here at Go Create we’ve created an extreme version: to push melt and pour to its limits. We’ll cover melt and pour from all angles to ensure you have a good understanding of soap making basics and how to exploit melt and pour to its potential.  During the workshop you’ll make at least 6 soap samples. But be warned, some may look and smell too good to use.


  • Want to paint? but feel you need to get to grips with drawing first?
    Then take a 2 day intensive painting and drawing course with K Kennedy

    Art coach and gallery represented artists K Kennedy has developed a 2 day course centred around her own teaching method :informed by her extensive subjects knowledge, painting and teaching experience. This method  consistently yields rapid results for beginners and improvers who wish to take up or develop their painting or drawing skills.


    On day 1, K Kennedy coaches in some drawing basics to ensure students are confident and versed in some basics which then carry across into better painting and the ability to tackle still lives or land or seascapes whatever a student’s initial starting point in drawing.  K Kennedy own focus is in helping students of all abilities find their route into  painting or drawing: and to embrace and celebrate  natural tendencies: whether that be naive art or high realism. In the afternoon, K Kennedy will cover acrylic basics but will thrown in some professional ints, tips and that will help to give beginners and improvers the edge.



    On day 2, we’ll start with some  exercises prior to planning work on a stretched canvas or board. For those wishing to progress to oils we’ll teach basic oil paint handling advise. Beginners will be directed towards a simple style life painting  whereas more experienced students will be free to choose a subject and painting style approach with creative directional support on hand.


  • This specialist workshop is suitable for anyone wishing to learn how to create their own moulds for slip cast usage. Slip casting can be used to create ceramic cafe style bisque pieces, porcelain doll parts, or ceramic casts for fine artists.

  • Piece it together

    Encounter the delightful world of micro mosaics. We’ll inspire with a brief history into micro mosaics before examine contemporary approaches. We’ll introduce you to different materials and techniques to create micro mosaic tiles and show how to piece your design together. We’ll cover methods for 2D and 3D designs. This is a hands on compact workshop that will have you eager to create more.  The workshop includes the cost of bases and a selection of mosaic materials.

  • Got a handle on it?  Don’t stop there.

    There’s more to handbuild than frocks and Perry.

    Whether you’re an absolute beginner or someone whose maybe dabbled a few times, this course will lift the lid on a range of ceramic techniques and push you further with classic or experimental project builds: from teapots, to clay bird houses, dinner sets or expressive sculptures. This is an exciting course not to be missed.

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