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Candle making

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  • For those seeking traditional candle making, this hands-on workshop will take you through the making of different candle types. We’ll cover different wax types in more depth, wicks, burning time, fragrancing as well as trialling different mould types. Throughout the day we’ll gradually expand the repertoire of  candle making processes: from simple to more advanced approaches.

  • Don't be left in the dark

    This workshop covers more advanced candle making techniques including dipped taper candles, carved candles, inclusions plus wax additives, hints and tips. This workshop is suitable for those wishing to trial more advanced candle making processes and for those considering more professional set-up. Prior candle making experience is required.


  • This hands-on workshop gets you practiced in candle making basics including the selection of wicks, scenting, colouring and using different mould types. We’ll cover options for vegans, eco warriors and plain old romantics.

    In creating  different types of candles we aim to teach the subtle difference in techniques and wicks needed in different situations and to inspire a passion for candle making.

    You’ll get to make and take home at least 5 different types of candles including a container candle, a layered candle, plus different candles using different mould types.


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  • Learn how to make stunning floral candles using real flowers. We'll also look at other types of embedded candle and other options Although this is an advanced form of candle making, this workshop is suitable for beginners. During this session, we’ll take you on candle making journey to understand the basics of candle making as well as the wax type used, inclusions and process to achieve embedded candles Participants will make and take home one main candle and some sample candles whilst developing and experimenting with different methods.

  • You’ve tried the vanilla candle making classes, we’re two scoops of knickerbocker glory. This half-day workshop teaches candle making in a fun and memorable way. It not only covers the basics of candle making but also more advanced skills. This is a practical workshop which includes some theory :suitable for absolute beginners and intermediate candle makers.

  • Its all in the scent.

    Learn how to make your own signature scented candles in vintage teacups. Great as gifts or personal indulgance. This workshop combines candle making and scent blending basics. So you'll not only take home a beautiful candle in a vintage tea-cup to admire but get to enjoy its heavenly scent on special evenings.