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Painting & Drawing Short Courses

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  • Life is a bed of roses (just watch out for the thorns!)
    Appreciate nature whilst documenting or drawing inspiration from her form. We’ll start with measured drawing and lessons on tone. We’re not expecting perfection but we will help you find your route in: whether widely expressive or insanely perfect. We’re here to get you started.


  • Life Painting and drawing skills 
    for all levels of ability

    The course is suitable for beginner to advanced level students and has been carefully structured  to support individual needs and requirements: from the basics in anatomical drawing, to lessons in flesh tones and colour mixing to contemporary approaches. We offer the freedom to respond to the figure in a personal manner and offer creative directional support if required.


  • Learn how to handle oils

    Oils are like the posh aunt in art terms: she’s hard to handle but has fine qualities. Led by an experienced oil painter this course will pass on hints on tips including how to layer up your painting, keep colours fresh, maximise working times,  avoid cracking and ensure that your paintings last longer than you.


    Some prior experience of acrylics  is required.




  • Discover the new
    New marks, new ideas, new ways of seeing

    Participants will be encouraged to get outdoors to develop initial sketches and to gather source material. Beginners will learn how to mix colours and develop a palette, to.plan up and create a seascape painting in acrylics. Those with more experience will be coached according to their current level.



  • Want to paint? but feel you need to get to grips with drawing first?

    For those who are looking for an intense introduction – you've arrived in the right place. This course includes rapid coaching in drawing basics to help the beginner step across quickly and more confidently  into painting, or to refine improver's skills. This course is led by a painter with 20+ year's experience who will coach in painting basics and pass on professional techniques to ensure the beginner or improver makes rapid improvement. Each student will be coached according to their current level.