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  • Looking for that designer edge
    We’ll show you how

    So your familiar with the basics of cold-pressed soap making but want to take your natural cold processed soaps into a whole new league. This course will focus on  new techniques and designer effects to gift your cold pressed soap making skills the professional edge.

  • Learn how to make your own bath bombs

    Bathtime will never be the same again?

    Why not treat yourself or a friend to our bath bomb making taster course.  

    Learn the ins and outs of bath bomb making: what makes a fizz and the magic formula to ensure that your bath bombs hold it together until they need to fizz.  We’ll show you just how much color to add, how much fragrance is safe and the all important rations so that you can feel confident and even start creating your own recipes.

  • Looking for a gift making course that could translate into business idea?

    Or simply to pamper yourself?


    Why not treat yourself to our fragrant soap making course.  

    Most beginner level melt and pour soap workshops merely cover colouring and scenting of soap bases. Here at Go Create we’ve created an extreme version: to push melt and pour to its limits. We’ll cover melt and pour from all angles to ensure you have a good understanding of soap making basics and how to exploit melt and pour to its potential.  During the workshop you’ll make approximately 4 soap samples. But be warned, some may look and smell too good to use.


  • Love bookfolding

    Transform un-loved books into gifts that say ‘personal’ like no other. We’ve bent over backwards with this one making recycling and literacy a worthwhile bi-product of this fun class. We ask for a bit of patience, love of biscuits in the tea break, and that page turner of a book to keep you entertained.
    How about dad’s 300/400 page ‘fly-fishing for beginners.’ Not that it needs a bit of a zing but we’ll hook you in anyway with a few ideas. Celebrate new family members, don’t forget the old ones or just find the word that captures the moment. We haven’t forgotten the cover design and even give you take home a further design from our choice.


  • Make your favorite candle

    This introductory candle making workshop will take you through the basics of candle making including,  health and safety, equipment needed, dies, wicks, fragrances, and moulds.  You’ll get to melt,pour, scent (choosing from rose, french lavender, cinnamon and orange, sandalwood or jasmine), colour your own candle wax as well attach a wick under the watchful eye of an experienced tutor.

  • Learn to make soap bases from scratch
    We’ll show you how 

    Learn how to make luscious, moisturising soaps from traditional oils, exotic butters and essential oils in this hands-on workshop. We’ll cover the  equipment,  techniques  and natural ingredients to make a soap base from scratch as well as the use of herbs and botanical that can be used safely in your soaps.  Once the basic soap base has been created we’ll show you how to vary the  scent, colour or soap style to create your own custom make.

    There is no prior experience required just a willingness to experience the joy of creating your own soaps from scratch.  This course is perfect if you simply wish to make a couple of batches a year for your own use or a first step towards setting up your own soap business.

  • Xmas Angels 

    Learn to wet felt your festive fairy angel and then add  make your felt Angel individual and memorable!

    Create a little magic this Christmas with an angelic decoration complete with flowing frock and golden locks using wet felting techniques and made with love. This little (diva) or divine creature. Keep her fair and or break with tradition – say yes to brunette, pink or blue hair and make her rock  using wet felting then add  decorative details using needle felting.  You know how fussy fairies can be about their hair and party dress. let your imagination run wild and liven up the tree or mantel piece.
    All wool and materials are provided.


  • Trial the delicate art of glass fushion whilst making a coaster. During this 2 hour taster, you’ll be introduced to many fundamental glass fushion concepts such as glass cutting and assembly. Includes materials

  • Learn the art of glass fusion in this compact 3 hour workshop. We’ll cover how to cut glass safely and how to prepare your piece for kiln firing. We’ll cover different glass products that are used for different effects, how to create colour changes and add detail including how to incorporate metal iso that you final piece can be hung around the home.  If there is time at the end you can also create a small piece that could be used for a pendant.

    There will be a small glass kiln on display so that you can take a look at a glass fushion kiln and watch as several pieces are loaded (these will be fired after the workshop). This workshop includes materials and notes and no glass fushion experience is needed. Final pieces will be posted out approximately 1 week after the workshop.