Putting the personal back into distant learning

This distant learning program has been developed and is mentored by Kirsty Kennedy, founder of Go Create: a second generation oil painter with 30+ years experience. The program comprises 5 modules/sessions plus a half hour personal mentoring zoom session. Each of the modules include notes and video tutorials plus assignments which can be taken as quickly or you like or taken within the course of a year.  Each session takes approximately 2.5 – 3 hours to complete which includes a practical assignment and some research homework but what you’ll take away

This course teaches oil technical knowledge but also paint handling skills to ensure the transition into oils is as quick, effective and as easy as possible. It is therefore suitable for students with some painting experience and more experienced painters with little or no formal oil painting experience. Without guidance it is easy to overwork pieces in sessions and end up in a gloopy mess or with a muddy pallet. With insufficient technical knowledge its also possible for paintings to crack later or to impact on the longevity of work.

Please note it is expected that students have prior experience of working with acrylics and it is desirable if students have taken a drawing course and or the introduction to painting with acrylic course which teaches colour theory.  This particular course assumes basic painting knowledge and focuses more on the technical qualities or oils and how to handle them effectively and on different substrates ie it is aimed at students wishing to transition to oils. The course is suitable for students who wish to work figuratively or abstractly at a later stage, however some of the exercises are taught via still life merely as a means to teach paint handling skills but also to access general skills including tonal or colour use which also impacts on more abstract work should you wish to continue in that direction at a later stage.  Importantly students are able to upload their assignment pieces for tutor feedback and to gain individual support. Included in the course price,  students can also book a half hour zoom chat/session at any point in the course duration to check paint handling and medium use to to discuss any particular issues.

At the end of the 5 weeks, should you wish to continue with creative directional support its possible to enrol into the Go Create Art Club. Further details will be given whilst on the course.



You’ll need a set of oil paints (water soluble if desired)
A starter set of Oil Painting brushes such as Daler Rowney
An A3 wood board or pallet
Tin foil optional
Painting rags
Small glass jars with screw tops
Painting mediums and thinners (more advice sent upon booking)



Upon booking you will be sent further information on the supplies required.  as well as a few sample substrates that are needed for the course including some canvas scraps, a small primed mdf board and a small canvas in order to trial oils on a variety of surfaces.


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