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  • Create with clay
    We'll show you how

    Working from a model and expressing through clay. People of all abilities including newcomers welcome. The aim of the workshop is to create something with a resemblance to the human figure – whether abstract or vaguely representative. Prior to the model's arrival the tutor will commence with a short demonstration on how to build the clay model with firing in mind ( so as not to explode in the kiln) and will discuss the type of clay being used to negate the use of an armature. The tutor will then offer support and advise throughout the clay modelling from life session. Pieces will be dried out completely and then fired ready for collection approximately 4-6 weeks later. Final pieces can be kept indoors or outdoors. Some life drawing experience is desirable though not totally essential. Group size is approximately 10-12 people max.




  • Its a relief we thought of this one.

    Tile making, carving and glazing


    A 2 x 2 hour  workshop taken over consecutive weekends

    In the first workshop we'll design and create the 3 dimensional foundation for our relief. If you're stuck for ideas we'll have some simple designs for you to follow. The following week, at leather hard stage you'll be ready to carve into our clay tile. We'll show you carving techniques beforehand and impart some important health and safety information. Of course all sorts of things can go wrong. You might start with a block of clay and end up with a spec of dust but its the taking part that counts. If however things go right we'll fire and glaze your final tile making it a modern centrepiece. Our aim is to prevent over enthusiasm from total obliteration in order that each person at least as one tile that can act as a souvenir of this journey into sculpture.

    During the process you'll learn and practice hand carving techniques (albeit with clay rather than stone). You can bring some ideas or we can inspire you on the day. We've plenty of ideas to help the art petrified – besides the modern relief need not be so serious .

    To make this relief fit for the modern home we'll fire and glaze your final pieces and dip them with clear glaze – making them completely waterproof fit for the kitchen, bathroom or garden.



  • This workshop covers the creation of sculptures using waste packing or natural materials. The event will be lead by an environmental artist who will inspire you with a short presentation and offer hints and tips on creating works or joining materials. Materials are supplied.

  • Learn how to work with wire, or wire with papier mache to create sculptural forms. Includes presentations to inspire, design coaching plus ideas on how to colour and protect your final sculpture.

  • This course covers how to build structures using chicken wire, scrim, metal and plaster and also how to work directly into plaster.


  • Learn how to carve stone including how to transfer a design, health and safety, and how to sharpen tools.

  • Learn the basic skills of welding under the watchful eye of an experienced welder. You'll be taught about health and safety and will get some hand's on practice using scrap metal to  develop your skills.

  • Discover the wealth of sculptural materials that surround you but more importantly how to join different materials and devise concepts for sculptural projects..