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Raku Glaze Firing

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  • Ceramics doesn't get much hotter than this!

    Decorate bisque fired ceramic pieces and see the Japanese glaze firing process first hand.  You don't even have to be a beginner or particularly into ceramics – just come  for the experience. Each participant will glaze 2 hand-thrown or slip cast bisque fired pieces.   Painted pieces are placed in a special gas fired outdoor kiln.  Whilst stopping for some food (veggie or pork dough balls) which is included, the pieces will be glaze fired – its that quick! Afterwards, the fired pieces will be removed carefully before being cleaned and polished ready to take home.

    During the unveiling  a few participants will actively support in the process.  As the pieces come out of the kiln participants begin to catch a glimpse of the spectacular effects and the Raku aesthetic: no wonder its addictive. When pieces are cooled down sufficiently we all get to clean and polish off our pieces ready to take home. Woooh how exciting!