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Valentine’s Day Workshops

You don’t have to be coupled up to enjoy Valentine’s day. …

Introduction to handbuild ceramics (3 hours)

Treat yourself, partner or a ‘special’ person  to 3 hours of clay fun. Suitable for absolute beginners, adults and grown-up kids alike. Make your own bowl, cup, vase or tealight using ceramic hand build techniques. We then fire and glaze your best two pieces in a colour of your choice. 

Price: £65

Wheel thrown pottery introduction (2.5 hours)

Expecting Ghost?, buy the DVD

It’s not two per wheel  it’s one, although it can still get dirty. Our highly experienced potter can guide you and a maximum of 5 other students learning at one time. This 2.5 hour workshop includes demonstrations and plenty of hands-on (clay only) practice with your 2 best pieces fired and glazed.
Price: £55 

Mosaic heart making (2 hours)

Create a stunning mosaic heart – to keep or give away 

Celebrate Valentine’s Day or simply acknowledge it, it’s an excuse to advance your mosaic skills and have some real fun. We’ll cover level 2 cutting, mosaic planning and composition on this micro scale creating something truly special.
Price: £44

Natural beauty (2.5 hours)


Look fabulous this Valentine’s Day. Forget chemically laden, shop-bought products and learn how to make and take home 5 items of natural beauty:  a beeswax lip balm, face mask using kitchen cupboard ingredients, a face scrub, hand moisturiser and mint foot scrub. Take this course and there’s no turning back to the high street. Results that leave you radiant.

Price: £44

Intensive digital Photography (Beginners)

Give the budding photographer in your life a Valentine’s gift that really puts them in the picture. Perfect pictures of those special moments to come. A mix of theory and demonstration, they’ll can learn how to capture the best subjects (i.e. you),compose, add effects, moods, pin sharp focussing and saving images ready for print/web. You’ll never look like a pug face on Facebook again.

Price: £119

Mosaic introduction

We’re going to give you the basic 2.5 hour experience of designing from a simple sketch to the finished piece, which you will grout when you get home. Using mosaic pieces, broken pottery and ceramic as well as few surprises we’ll design around a small mirror with the help of our artists and aim for striking designs as well as use the experience as a basis for further work in mosaic.

Price: £45


Introduction to candle making (2 hours)

Make this candle your favourite candle ever.

This introductory candle making workshop will take you through the basics of candle making including: health and safety, equipment needed, dyes, wicks, fragrances, and moulds.  You’ll get to melt, pour, scent (choosing from rose, french lavender, cinnamon and orange, sandalwood or jasmine), colour your candle wax as well attach a wick all under the watchful eye of an experienced tutor.


Price: £65

candles crop

Mosaic Glass Lanterns

Create a lantern
Learn how to transform jam jars into magical lanterns for use in the bedroom, bathroom and enchanting spaces. During this workshop we’ll work on a 7 x 6cm glass vessel to work at an easy pace and in saftey. You’ll learn how to cut coloured glass, work clean with adhesives and do basic grouting occasionally colouring it. Light fun and simply magical.

Special introductory price: £44

Knitted hearts

During this 2.5 hour workshop you’ll be coached according to your current level: from beginner plain colour hearts whilst learning the basics to more advanced levels including colour changing or how to follow a pattern. Fill your home with love (hearts) or give your hearts away if you dare.

Fingerprint silver clay pendant (2.5 hours)

From one of a kind, to one of a kind.

Capture your very own fingerprint in silver clay. We help you take a mould, texture, shape, dry, fire and polish this unique clay, to that point when it becomes absolutely stunning. Like your fingerprint a completely one off exclusive, and in silver.

Price: £65

Bath bombs and soap making

Why not treat yourself or a friend to our bath bomb making taster course.  

Learn the ins and outs of bath bomb making: what makes a fizz and the best way to make and the magic formula to ensure your bath bombs hold it together until they need to fizz: not too much coloring – to ensure you step out of your bath feeling more like princess or prince than a mars ion.
Price: £44


Silver cufflinks

From the heart, to the sleeve

Create a gift from the heart, that can accompany your other half to the office. Your home made discrete and stylish silver gift provides far more lasting meaning than an amazon click.


Price: £110


Glass Heart

Create simple glass hearts to decorate the home or a simple design of your choice (fused glass cats, hearts or other designs if you prefer) whilst learning the art of fused glass. We’ll cover how to cut and shape glass pieces and how to prepare your piece for kiln firing.

Price: £44


Wire hearts

Learn how to transform wire including coat hangers into quirky decorations around the home or as gifts. We’ll cover how to cut, decorate and  manipulate wire safely. We’ll inspire with different ideas and you’ll get to make and take home at least 2 finished pieces from the workshop.

Price: £45


Wedding band making (bespoke day)

Cupid had a hand in this one:

Create your very own wedding bands with the help from an expert jewellery. You’ll not only take home wedding bands but a lasting memory of the love, care and fun that went into its making. The start of something good.

Please enquire

Price:from £500


Short course gifts

Looking for that special gift?
Choose a bite sized workshop to do together or a longer course as an extra special gift.  We’ve got bite size courses from £34, 1 day 
Day courses from £95, 2 day weekend courses from £220 and week long courses from £485. For help and advise, please get in touch.

Price: from £95