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Raku Glaze Firing (LONDON)



Think ceramic cafe but with handcrafted pieces and a super hot twist. Ceramic pieces are painted then placed in a special gas fired outdoor kiln. We then stop for some food before watching the spectacular unveiling of pieces (a few participants will actively support in the process). Pieces are polished then taken home on the day! Think camp fire, dustbins, sawdust, smoke with some health and safety thrown in – even that doesn't quite describe the experience. This is an experience and half.

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Raku Glaze Firing (LONDON)
Event Dates
26 Jul 2018 at 07:00 pm 26 Jul 2018 at 09:30 pm

Decorate bisque fired ceramic pieces and see the Japanese glaze firing process first hand.  You don’t even have to be a beginner or particularly into ceramics – just come  for the experience. Each participant will glaze 2 hand-thrown or slip cast bisque fired pieces.   Painted pieces are placed in a special gas fired outdoor kiln.  Whilst stopping for some food (veggie or pork dough balls) which is included, the pieces will be glaze fired – its that quick! Afterwards, the fired pieces will be removed carefully before being cleaned and polished ready to take home.

During the unveiling  a few participants will actively support in the process.  As the pieces come out of the kiln participants begin to catch a glimpse of the spectacular effects and the Raku aesthetic: no wonder its addictive. When pieces are cooled down sufficiently we all get to clean and polish off our pieces ready to take home. Woooh how exciting!

The course is set in a quaint setting in SE5 by Burgess Park and will be led by Nam Tran (contestant on the last Pottery Throwdown Series). Nam specialises in Raku firing. Absolute beginners are welcome.

Location: Chumleigh Gardens, Chumleigh St, London SE5 0RJ.

Please call 0208 1665 134 on arrival so that we can let you into the building.