Jewellery Making Workshops

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Bead and wire (2.5 hours)

In this two hour workshop we’lll show you the basic equipment needed to make a necklace or bracelet with our fine collection of beads. Combine ideas, designs and possibly some of your own materials with ours to make the necklace special, the one you always wanted.

Price: £44


Upcycling (2.5 hours)

Do you own an old piece of jewellery that has the potential to be something new and different? Before you donate it, re- make it. Upcycle your old jewellery and make re-imagined, beautiful vintage fashion pieces. Wear it with pride, again.

Price: £35


Silver ring (2.5 hours)

Learn to make a simple wrap-over silver ring in just one evening! 
Throughout the evening our experienced tutor will guide you through the process of working with silver, adding a texture to your ring if needed, and then making it fit to size. There will be  some sanding and polishing to finish as we get closer to perfection, and then ‘voila,’ you can go to the ball.
Price: £75
silver wrap around ring

Silver clay charms (2.5 hours)

Make your own silver clay charms.

Yes, a solid silver charm using traditional silver work techniques. In just one evening you will be guided through the process of designing, sawing, sanding and polishing your piece to a professional standard by one of our expert tutors. More than charming or any amount of luck this is an amazing opportunity to work with silver and make something special.

Price: £75

Silver cufflinks (2.5 hours)

Make the best silver cufflinks.

Learn how to make a lovely pair of solid silver cufflinks and take them home with you in just three hours. It’s the perfect gift for a friend, family member or partner because small things say so much. You’re also learning techniques used in the traditional craftsmanship of cufflink making. This is a beginners level class, no previous experience needed.
Price: £75