Candle making (taster)

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This introductory candle making workshop will take you through the basics of candle making including,  health and safety, equipment needed, dies, wicks, fragrances, and molds. We’ll also offer some professional tips and  trouble shooting advise just to ensure you can practice candle making at home.

The first part of the workshop includes a demonstration using traditional candle making methods. You then get to make your own candle using a mold and choose your own fragrance (rose, french lavender, cinnamon and orange, sandalwood or jasmine). You’ll get to melt,pour, scent and color your own candle wax as well attach a wick under the watchful eye of an experienced tutor.shutterstock_187095053

In the second part of this taster workshop we’ll show you
decorate your candles with transfer designs, glitter effects and stencil designs.

What you’ll take home:

  • 2 scented hand made candles
  • 2 small decorated church lights used in practice