Book & paper making

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PAPER MAKING (3 hours)
This is a fantastic introduction to paper-making with a strictly ‘hands-on’ approach. You’ll learn about the different fibres and pulps, and even try them in a variety of mould sizes. We’ll give you exciting ideas to work with and explain the whole process involved in the making of paper. By the end of the course you take away your own personalised, crafted sheets. IMG_6970lr













During this 2.5 hour taster, we’ll cover the basics of book binding – you’ll learn how to make and decorate an A6 notebook/journal using simple stitching techniques. This  includes making multiple signatures (groups of pages that are sewn together to make a larger booklet,) and a page finder ribbon. Personalise the cover if you like choosing from our wide variety of fabrics and surface treatment.












BOOK MAKING LEVEL 2 – creating a leather-bound journal (3 hours) 

In this level 2 course we’ll explore external stitching whilst making a beautiful leather journal of multiple signatures. Choosing the right leathers for the job we’ll cut accurately and safely, registering it all up with the paper and making your complete leather-bound piece.




Book binding – experimental book making or art books – level 3 (1 day)shutterstock_159834851

We’ll examine the art book in this  third level of bookbinding and explore experimental and advanced techniques of fixing or enclosing pages in a recognisable ‘book’ form.

The morning will be spent looking at samples, swatches, materials and concepts to match yours and our own supplies, constructing together till the end of the class a finished piece.