Sculpture Taster Workshops

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Clay modelling from life

Led by creative coach 

The aim of the workshop is to create something with a resemblance to the human figure. Working from life we’ll coach in observation, how to get started with the clay build and special considerations for clay firing. We’ll then fire your final piece ready for collection at a later date.

Price: £85


Junk modelling (3 hours)

This workshop covers the creation of sculptures using waste packing or natural materials. The event will be lead by an environmental artist who will inspire you with a short presentation and offer hints and tips on creating works or joining materials.
Price: £75


Welding (3 hours)

Learn the basic skills of welding, using scrap metal to practice and develop your skills.
Price: £65


Clay modelling the head (1 day)

Working from a model, you’ll be coached in the art of clay modelling to scale. We can make the whole process a lot easier with hints, tips and instruction. Although we’ll be taking you through classical approaches we don’t mind if your piece ends up  more “Homar” than human.

Price: £85


Papier mache and wire (2 days)

Learn how to work with wire and paper to create sculptural forms. Includes presentations to inspire, design coaching plus ideas on how to colour and protect your final design.
Price: £175


Stone Carving (2 days)

Learn how to carve stone including how to transfer a design, health and safety, and how to sharpen tools.
Price: £175


Wood carving (2 days)

This workshop will introduce you to the tools to carve lime wood including advise on sharpening tools and health and safety, colouring, storing and sealing wood.
Price: £175


Willow sculptures (2 days)

Learn skills of working willow into sculptural form and construct creatures great and small. Take home willow foxes, pheasants, hares or herons to enhance any garden or living space.
Price: £225


Mould Making (2 days)

Explore the potential of mould making for slip casting and learn the process of creating your own one to multi-part moulds
Price: £220


Introduction to sculpture (1 week)

The week explores the language and concept of sculpture as well as introduces students to a repertoire of new materials including plaster, wood, metals, plastics along with salvaged materials. Students will be encouraged to work on personal projects with support using some of the processes that will be covered such as modelling, relief sculpture, casting and joining materials. Price: £525


Ceramic sculpture (5 days)

This workshop covers the special considerations for designing clay sculptures. You’ll be encouraged to develop designs for one medium sized piece and several smaller prototype designs which will be kiln fired.
Price: £585


Working with found objects (1 week)

Discover the wealth of sculptural materials that surround you but more importantly how to join different materials and devise concepts for sculptural projects.
Price: £585