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Painting & Drawing Short Courses


Pen and ink (1 day)

Create your own quirky illustrations, drawings or postcards with dip pens and ink on paper. We’ll introduce various methods of creating form and variation of line.  If the weather is good we’ll then venture out to create some ink drawings inspired by local beach or people or building scenes.

Suitable for all abilities including absolute beginners and those with no known art abilities.

Price: £85


Botanical drawing (1 day)

Appreciate nature whilst documenting or drawing inspiration from her form. We’ll start with measured drawing and lessons on tone. We’re not expecting perfection but we will help you find your route in: whether widely expressive or insanely perfect. We’re here to get you started.

Price: £85

Watercolour introduction (1 DAY)

Intensive 1 day
with Nina Burrows, BA Hons, Cert Ed. 

This one-day course is pitched at beginners wishing to gain a firm grip of watercolour basics so that they can experiment and develop their skills at home.The course is suitable for those wishing to explore traditional or experimental watercolour skills.

Price: £85


Life drawing (1 day)


Each lifedrawing event will cover a different theme including classical and experimental approaches. Classical training includes lessons on proportion, perspective, composition, anatomy, line, gesture, tone, and colour as well as problem areas such as portraiture, hands and feet. We also run sessions that are designed to inspire looser or more expressive and individualistic approaches.

Various dates and approaches

Price: £85


Painting & Drawing Intense Introduction (beginners/improvers - 2 days)

Want to paint?
but feel you need to get to grips with drawing first?

Looking for an intense introduction? This course includes rapid coaching in drawing basics to help the beginner step across quickly and more confidently  into painting, or to refine improver’s skills. This course is led by a painter with 20+ year’s experience who will coach in painting basics and pass on professional techniques to ensure the beginner or improver makes rapid improvement.

Price: £220


Oil painting (Beginners/Improvers - 2 days)

Learn how to handle oils

Oils are like the posh aunt in art terms: she’s hard to handle but has fine qualities. Led by an experienced oil painter this course will pass on hints on tips including how to layer up your painting, keep colours fresh, maximise working times,  avoid cracking and ensure that your paintings last longer than you.

Some prior experience of acrylics  is required.

Price: £245


Paint, draw, sketch - Margate (Beginners & Improvers - 5 days)

Location sketching and  painting to studio work

Take inspiration from your immediate surroundings whilst learning new art skills or developing existing ones. Mini tutorials will be available for absolute beginners and improvers in topics such as composition, sketching, drawing, colour mixing and painting lessons in acrylics and oils… whilst more advanced students will be given creative directional or technical support when required. Includes lunches.

Price: £625


Advanced acrylics (gels. mediums and contemporary techniques)

Discover this versatile medium.

We’ll cover colour mixing, supports, layering techniques, gels, mediums, pastes, additives and the latest products on the market and show how to employ these to create different  types of paintings and effects. We’ll also explore some mixed media acrylic based possibilities including image transfer and embedding techniques .This workshop includes demonstrations and plenty of hands-on practice plus superb take-home notes Expect to explore different methods of achieving advanced acrylic approaches to create small test works and annotated sample sheets to take home.

Price: £325