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Halloween activities for adults

Mosaic lanterns: Learn how to make mosaic glass lanterns

Transform jam jars into magical lanterns using cut pieces of coloured glass.  During this workshop we’ll use a 7cm x 6cm glass to ensure you complete and grout the piece within the time (the emphasis being on safety). We’ll show you how to cut glass and the tools and equipment needed.

Price: £34

RIP VIP Grewsome ceramics - family special

Join us for some deadly fruit punch or juice before some spine tingling fun and monstrous ceramic miniature making. Let your imagination and darkest thoughts run wild. We’ll teach you how to construct pieces that will survive the kiln.  We’ll fire and glaze your best pieces in a single dip colour ready for collection 4 weeks later or return in one week to paint your piece prior to the glaze fire.

Price: £68

Creepy soap (2 hours)

Freak your friends out

Make and take home 2 creepy or magical soap editions to give away or keep. We’ll teach the basics of melt and pour soap making including how to scent, colour and add some spook, using this basic method. Think fairy dust, creepy crawlies, the mildew look or dark twists.

Price: £44


Spooky mosaics (2.5 hours)

Very, very frightening

Learn mosaic making skills whilst creating a halloween themed master or wall hanging – not the bloody kind.  Take inspiration from all things creepy, or choose from a selection of halloween shapes including vampires, cauldrons and ghosts.

Price: £68


Learn basic to intermediate candle making techniques whilst exploring environmentally friendly alternatives to paraffin wax including soya candle wax and beeswax alternatives in this compact workshop. This  purest and practical workshop gets you practiced in creating different types of candles and using different materials and methods so as not to compromise it environmental authenticity; including the creation of eco wax coated wicks, the attachment of sustainers and the use of essential oils and dyes.

Price: £44


If you’ve been staring at pumpkins in the grocery isle and know you’ve always wanted one but you just don’t know what to do with it, we can help. Bring it along and together we’ll make it happen.  There will be soft drinks and nibbles to help things progress We’ll provide all the tools and support together with some design ideas if required.

Price: £25


This should be a laugh

I’m not sure magic will do the trick but our beauty products will certainly help your skin glow (in the dark!) They do say beauty is only skin deep – well that a pretty good start for this natural beauty product workshop. Using only natural or kitchen cupboard ingredients you can certainly give some beauty transformation a try. If it doesn’t work you can always cake it on this evening and scare away the little trickers! And if you don’t want a night out, you can always have a night in.

Price: £44


Drinks and deadly bath bombs

Treat your friends

Potent punch, fruit juice and bath bombs. I’m there for that workshop!  What else could you ask for at the end of a murderous week –  a scene from an old horror movie? We can help… with some scary fun versions of one that involves ruby red sweet smelling options. Perfect for a trick or treat.

Price: £44


Take in some of the buzz surrounding this popular area of theatre goers, buskers, and commuters making the journey across the Thames home. There’s award winning architecture, skateboarding, magnificent views of the City and Parliament from Hungerford Bridge and people, lots of people relaxing.

Price: £34