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Choosing a course

That's right for you

Choose from bite-size courses, regular classes or short course and by subject, level or price. Our guide below will help you choose a course that’s right by you.

Bite sized workshops

Short Courses


Our bite-sized workshops are designed for busy people: they’re compact, fun and information rich. Popular workshops like ceramics and mosaic sell out quickly and make excellent gifts. They make great gifts or social activities for friends and families, for those who want to make beautiful makes and learn great craft skill, or for those who enjoy creating mess in someone else’s space. They’re also an excellent way to trial a potential new hobby, art or craft form before commit tin got a longer course or class.

From 1 day or longer intense courses. Emerse yourself. Take a weekend course so as not to disrupt work. or week long course for that creative break from work. Fun and learning. creative mix for those who simply want to try it all, beginner and specialist advanced courses. We not only want you to have a memorable experience but our small class sizes, mentoring and workshop formats are carefully designed to ensure your short course experience outshines larger institutions.

A day or evening class can help build knowledge over a period of time. Great for those living locally. More effective than intense learning and thoroughly recommended if you can commit. Classes must be taken within the 10 week period and cannot be rolled over.
For those whose artistic mood won’t settle them to wait to the start of term and available in a selection of our courses including handbuild ceramics, beginners painting and drawing and creative directional support. A flexible option for those who maybe need to drop-in and drop-out of classes.

General mix courses

By level


Art is like being blind-folded through life and responding to your body’s cravings and instincts. Like a moth to a light rather than a flame, forget fears and barriers in those choices. Click through our pages until something arty or crafty individually speaks to you or choose a creative mix course that lets you sample a range of mediums until you find one that speaks to you.
Although many student/artists go on to specialise, as many keep on exploring, letting that instinct take over – pathways are as diverse as art and what art brings to each and one of us is no doubt as personal as art.
Wheel Thrown Pottery

Beginner to advanced level students are catered for with useful tips that I’m sure will enlighten everyone. Be a curious not terrified beginner, maybe rekindle neglected skills, or join a group eager to continue their love of a particular art form. Our tutors know how to keep the group a fun group.


Make great gifts and start from just £29/head. Treat yourself, your whole family or buy for a friend +  guest and hope/explain that’s you. Many of our bite-sized courses are attended by people who either come alone or with a friend – we make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.
(1 day, weekend or week long courses) make extra special gifts but keep it safe with a creative mix course or a specialist course if you know what they really are into.
A great option if your friend or partner is local, free on that day and if the course is of interest but it may need some prior probing to get this right.


Need a little inspiration?

Here are some popular course choices:


    During a 2.5 hour taster you'll learn about the different materials that can be incorporated into mosaic, about bases and adhesives. You'll also get to work on your own mosaic mirror using pre-cut pieces. (think candy store). Children (aged 6+) are welcome when accompanied.

  • Learn wheel throwing basics

    This 2.5 hour wheel thrown pottery introduction gets you hands-on and dirty learning wheel throwing pottery basics. (Patrick Swayze not included).

    Each student will have their own wheel to work from and following a masterful tutor demonstration its then straight down to practice.

    Support will be on hand as you try to get to grips with centering and throwing basics.  We keep class sizes small: no more than 8 students to make sure you each get the proper attention. Expect a few pieces to make it below the table into the slop bucket for recycling and about 2 pieces each to make it onto the keeps board. We'll fire and glaze keeps ready for collection in about 4 weeks time.

    Please note that we continually add dates to meet demand. This workshop normally runs on a Sunday morning or afternoon. If you're looking for a date in advance that is not on the list, please get in touch as we may be able to schedule it.
  • Want to create?
    Want to play?

    Your ideas with our teaching approach will get your hands dirty and sculpting in the first 5 minutes.You’ll need to decide on what you want to make from the word go and we’ll give you some pointers – like where to put the  handle. We then fire and glaze your best 2 pieces in a colour of your choice – ready for collection up to 4 weeks later.

  • An introduction to porcelain

    Experience the delicate feel of porcelain and learn how to build textured vessels or tea lights which complement its properties. We’ll showcase some contemporary approaches to help inspire your own original designs. We’ll then fire and glaze your best 2 pieces.


  • Want to take better photographs?
    Let our trained professionals show you how.

    Are you a beginner or an improver. Would like to get a clearer understanding of your camera controls. Fed up with automatic settings and ready to unleash the creative potential of your camera. Or you may have some understanding of technique but need to brush up on your knowledge and rekindle your passion for photography. If the answer is yes, this course if for you.

    Our digital photography course are suitable for complete beginners, and those who have taken a digital photography course before but just want to brush up on old skills.