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Ceramic Collections


Please complete a form below so that we can advise when your pieces will be ready for pick up. If however you do not hear back within 6 weeks simply pop along at a collection time specified on this page (some notifications do go into spam). Further details on collections times, our address and frequently asked questions are all detailed below.




4th Dec  7-9pm*     6th Dec 4-7 pm*    7th Dec 4pm-7pm

9th Dec 4pm-7pm*    10th Dec 7pm-9pm*   11th Dec 7:30pm-9pm*    16th Dec 4pm-7pm* 

NB We will be closed during the holidays from 7pm on 16th DECEMBER to 7pm MONDAY 7th JANUARY.

* Check the website on the day of visit before you travel or call/text 07949296912 if you are unsure. 

Please make sure you are at the right entrance and call 07949296912 as our neighbours have had their buzzers pressed and  people enter their premises. Thank you.  

Collection Times

*21 Lombard RoadSW19 3TZ  (*look for the “ACAVA STUDIOS” sign in the alley – 21 is just here. If it’s dark press light button near alley entrance. Call 07949296912 on arrival (Please DO NOT press buzzer as this disturbs other artists).

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Collections Form

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1. NameYour name & guest’s name
2. Workshop dateInsert date
3. Brief descriptionof the pieces you are collecting
4. Upload Photo

It is best to leave it for a few weeks after the date of your course before you send us a collection form as they take time to be ready (see FAQ's).
If possible please try to give us 7 days notice before you are wanting to collect so that we can select out your pieces and to confirm back if there is  a problem.
We will respond to advise the pieces are ready and to confirm a pick-up time.
Please remember to bring a bag with some padding- your pieces are delicate!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I complete the form

You can complete the collections form straight after your workshop. You will receive a collections ticket number but won’t here from us until the pieces are ready for pick-up which could be between 4-6 weeks or sometimes earlier.

How will I know when my pieces are ready for collection?

We will send you an email as soon as your pieces are ready to collect.

What if I don’t hear from you?

It can take between 4-6 weeks before pieces are ready.

How long do you keep pieces for?

We keep pieces for 4 months after the workshop date. Better pieces are then given to charity shops – often as plant pots to ensure the piece doesn’t merely become landfill but enjoys a life. In other words it is re-homed responsibly. Pieces which may not be so lovingly looked after may be smashed up and used responsibly in our mosaic workshops – again to ensure it doesn’t merely become landfill but hopefully has some place in the art world.

Why does it take 4-6 weeks?

Pieces have to be dried out thoroughly prior to the first firing. If pieces contain any moisture they will simply explode in the kiln and will also take down other work. Pieces that are thicker – take longer to dry out and more care needs to be taken to ensure they aren’t destroyed in a rush to get them into the first firing. Once pieces are fired once they then need to be matched up so that we know what colour to dip them. Pieces are sent away for glaze firing. When they come back in they need to be sorted by date. Customers can then be notified that their pieces are ready once that workshop batch is ready.

Sometimes we need to put pieces in for a second firing if we feel the glaze could be improved. This could delay a piece. Sometimes there are one or two pieces which simply won’t fit into the kiln and have to wait until there is more work to be fired. Again this can delay a pieces. Extra large pieces can also cause a delay. Kilns are loaded to optimise the load. Pieces of a similar size are loaded onto different kiln shelves. These variables can mean that pieces from the same workshop date aren’t necessarily fired in the same kiln. This is also why pieces have to be sorted when they get back into the studio.

Where do I collect from

This address is specified above.